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We all do the very best to protect our family. We purchase life insurance, open savings accounts, and work hard to provide a good future for our family. Unfortunately, most of us never discuss our funeral. The family that is left behind must then wonder what we really wanted during our final farewell. Plus the funeral bill must be paid along with the other items that require attention.

However, with a pre-arrangement from Family Funeral Care in Indianapolis, IN, the burden is completely lifted from the family. There will be no decisions to make during this stressful period. Everything has been completed.

Enormous Relief for the Family and Friends
Funerals are a subject that no one really likes to think about, and even fewer people really know what to do. By pre-arranging a funeral or cremation service and cemetery arrangements, you can take steps today to make it easier on those who must handle the affairs tomorrow. Like any transaction, it is important to become informed about all the options and the various costs when you are in a healthy state of mind. It enables you to be in control, research alternatives and to select funeral services that have real meaning to your family and you. Actually, pre-arrangements really benefit survivors the most. When a funeral is not pre-arranged, someone, who may not be aware of the wishes, must make all the decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions are often clouded by grief and other emotions. In many cases, pre-arranging can help to ensure that the wishes are respected and carried out. You can discuss what you would like in the event of your death with other family members. Involving those most affected by your death can bring peace of mind and relief to the individuals who will have to carry out your wishes. Pre-arranging relieves family members of the psychological burden and guesswork in trying to make decisions. More importantly, knowing your wishes and carrying them out can bring great comfort to surviving family members and friends.

Take the Time to Decide: There's No Rush
When pre-arranging a funeral, time is on your side. Would you like a traditional funeral or a simple less elaborate service? Would you rather be cremated or buried? Would you like the service in a funeral home or at a place of worship? Will it be a private service or open to all? What type of casket/container would you prefer? Would you like an open or closed casket? Will there be visitation for family and friends or a private family viewing? How much would you like to pay for your services? What type of permanent memorial would you prefer? These are personal decisions which are better made by you and your family during the right times, before a death has occurred and you are overcome by grief and loss.

Personalized to Reflect Your Wishes
It is important that the services be personalized to reflect your wishes and bring comfort to family and friends. Like any event such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, a funeral gives your family and friends time to support each other and share memories, as well as an opportunity to commemorate your life. Today, no two funerals are alike. Photographs, favorite music, special readings and the involvement of family members and friends are very much encouraged.

Protection against Rising Cost
Pre-arranging a funeral is a smart business decision, as well. When a funeral is pre-arranged, you benefit from purchasing at today’s prices, free from inflationary pressures of the future. Once the costs have been determined, you can make an objective decision regarding affordability. You may decide to spend less as a result of this objectivity. Pre-arranging also enables you to purchase the services you select in a planned and manageable fashion. Apart from helping to keep your financial burden to a minimum, it also eliminates the financial burden placed on surviving family members.

It's your Decision
Pre-arranging your funeral is a decision only you can make. But it is a decision that affects the people you love most.

National Transferability
Family Funeral Care allows you to transfer the funeral plan anywhere in North America within our network of more than 1400 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries. By making an informed decision today, you gain peace of mind in knowing that the details and expenses have been completed during what will be a very difficult time for those left behind.

Transferring a Current Pre-Arrangement to Family Funeral Care
If you have an insurance funded pre-arrangement plan with another funeral home, you may also transfer your existing plan to Family Funeral Care in Indianapolis. Please feel free to discuss this option with one of our pre-arrangement specialists.