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Although funerals are sad times for family and friends, they should also be memorable with the celebration of a loved-one's life. The directors and staff at Family Funeral Care have spent their professional lives comforting and providing support during these meaningful, yet somber occasions.

At Family Funeral Care, we offer the highest quality facilities at prices to fit anyone’s budget … whether it is simple or elaborate, burial or cremation, services in your home or ours. There is absolutely no detail too small or too large when it comes to providing our families with the service they desire.

Funerals in America are in a state of change and face many more, including new and more expressive ways of remembering a loved-one lost The death of a family member or close friend is a significant time in the lives of many. When entrusted with the needs of the families we serve, our goal is to ensure that your family and loved ones are cared for with the utmost dignity and respect. And with more and more ethnic groups living in our city, traditional funerals now incorporate many of the customs and ceremonies of different cultures. In any given year, Family Funeral Care conducts funeral services for Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu families, not to mention families that opt for non-religious, humanistic services. Given the diverse group of families that we serve and the different options that we provide, there are many appropriate choices available when it comes to funeral services at Family Funeral Care.

At Family Funeral Care, your family can receive the following benefits at no additional charge.

National Transferability
Our prearranged services are fully transferable and will be honored by another provider in our North American network. If you move more than 75 miles from your original place of residence and the Family Funeral Care address, your prearranged plan moves with you. If there is no network provider in your new location, we will attempt to find another provider to honor the guaranteed price.

Bereavement Travel Services
Our staff has secured significant savings on airfares throughout the United States, as well as certain international destinations (including Canada) to assist family and friends in making travel arrangements to attend a funeral or memorial service. As a benefit for selecting Family Funeral Care, four members of the immediate family of the deceased are eligible to receive special savings on airfares offered through the Bereavement Travel Program to attend a funeral, memorial, or graveside service. In addition, should you select a Family Funeral Care Funeral or Cremation Plan, you will be able to extend the travel benefit to include all family members and friends, as well as make return trips to settle estate matters and family business.

Personal Planning Guide
This valuable booklet will document your entire funeral or cremation wishes, including a particular reading or song or even flowers you prefer. It also documents additional family information such as military history, family heritage, estate information, insurance coverage, and an inventory of personal property. The Personal Planning Guide is an important reference document for your family and heirs.

Everlasting Mentorial®$reg; ( An Everlasting Memorial offers the ultimate way to preserve and share a beautiful life story. Family Funeral Care can help you archive writings, pictures and other images that capture and electronically document the essence of your loved one. It is a window into a life that can be shared across the oceans and beyond the boundaries of lifetimes, and will allow your grandchildren and future generations to read, understand, enjoy, and remember.

Child/Grandchild Protection Program*
In the tragic event that an unmarried child or grandchild (under 21) dies while your Family Funeral Care Plan is in effect, we will provide complete funeral or cremation services, up to the level of service of the plan you originally selected, at no charge to you.