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Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care

With our professionally staffed crematory, your loved one will always be under our direct care. We contract with no third party crematories and Family Funeral Care employs only the most rigorously trained staff to conduct the cremation process, giving you peace of mind. Your trust is our absolute top priority.

The options available to families are almost limitless. A family may keep the cremated remains, or a loved one's ashes, in an urn indefinitely or until they are ready to decide on a final resting place. Ashes may be scattered in a variety of places (provided scattering in the site selected meets with state and local laws), including Scattering Gardens. If a family wishes to have a traditional burial service, there are cemeteries that have special sites for the interment of urns. Placement in a columbarium is an outdoor wall containing niches, or recessed compartments designed to hold urns.

When you choose Family Funeral Care, you can be assured that all services will be performed according to the most stringent standards that are known for the integrity, respect, and thoroughness they bring to the cremation process.

Family Funeral Care has voluntarily imposed strict documentation, identification and operating procedures the entire time they are in our care. We have an extensive training program for all of our staff- including classes and certifications to provide the utmost care for your loved one.